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Evolution of the InventHelp® Caveman

Cavey, the InventHelp cavemanCavey, the InventHelp caveman, has been banging away with his hammer for over a decade now trying to turn a slab of rock into a new invention. Though his attempts at inventing have taken unexpected (and often comical) turns, he remains persistent in the development of what many consider to be one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind – the wheel.

And, nowadays, Cavey is hammering away with a different tool: a laptop computer. That's right, the InventHelp caveman is making his biggest leap ever, tossing aside his hammer for a keyboard so he can get his daily news from InventHelp's Invention and Technology News. With such a monumental change taking place in Cavey's life, we figured it'd be a good time to look back on the evolution of the beloved InventHelp caveman.

InventHelp Caveman Timeline

After being a still illustration for years, the first animated Cavey made his debut in an InventHelp commercial at the turn of the century. And not only is Cavey animated, he is created with 3D computer animation (the hot trend at the time).

Only one year after he first came to life as an animated figure, Cavey reemerged with an even more modern (and balder) new image. The InventHelp caveman appears to have momentarily moved on from trying to invent the wheel to work on a new invention: fire.

Cavey returned to his cartoon origins, and also went back to inventing the wheel – though this time with a little more comic adversity. This trio of InventHelp commercials features a series of invention misadventures, where Cavey inadvertently invents both the unicycle and the wheelbarrow.

In 2006, Cavey came to life in yet another new form: bobblehead. This head-shaking caveman can be seen at InventHelp offices worldwide as well as here at InventHelp Store.

Cavey goes digital. The InventHelp caveman gets high tech with a new laptop computer so he can occasionally take a break from inventing to read Invention and Technology News. A far cry from his humble origins, the InventHelp caveman remains an enduring symbol of mankind's ingenuity and perseverance.