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Product Name:  Fan Fragrance Air Freshener
Product ID:  TKG-2263 Product
Price: $9.95
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The new Fan Fragrance air fresheners are the perfect way to eliminate troublesome odors in your home or office! Simply attach one to the top of a ceiling fan blade – completely hidden from view – and turn on the fan to spread the wonderful scent of lavender throughout the room.

The Fan Fragrance consists of a plastic housing unit with nylon fastener strips and a concentrated air freshener cartridge. This compact unit measures just 2 inches long, 1-1/2 inches wide and 1/2 inch high. Each order includes two lavender scents, plus two bonus refill scents!

Additional features:

  • Attaches to any ceiling fan
  • Distributes fragrance evenly, and throughout the room
  • Remains out of sight atop fan blades
  • Eliminates the need for less effective spray cans or dispensers
  • Features a sturdy, easy-to-attach fastener strip

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